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TEC (Tubing Encased Conductors)

MSCL provides our customers with a wide range of TEC (Tubing Encased Conductors) design options.  We can provide TEC as a standalone cable or as part of a multi-component flatpack.

  • Industry standards for conductors are 18 AWG, 7 strand and 16 AWG Solid.
  • MSCL recommends tinned copper as it provides better protection from oxidation
    at temperatures > 100C.
  • MSCL recommends 2% Nickel Plated conductor for designs rated above 150C

  • Industry standards for insulation are ETFE, ECTFE, & FEP
  • MSCL recommends ETFE and ECTFE for service up to 150C as they provide
    excellent mechanical and electrical properties.
  • MSCL recommends FEP for designs rated above 150C
  • MSCL recommends PFA for designs rated above 200C

  • Industry standards for fillers are Polypropylene and FEP
  • MSCL recommends Polypropylene  for designs rated to 150C
  • MSCL recommends FEP for designs rated to 200C

MSCL recommends Alloy 825 for Sour Well Service
Collapse Pressure Ratings

  • 0.028” Wall = 15,000 psi
  • 0.035” Wall = 25,000 psi
  • 0.049” Wall = 35,000 psi

  • Please consult MSCL for the appropriate encapsulation product based on service temperature, pressure, completion fluids, and well environment.